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After graduating university in 2012 with a first class degree (in media production, but that's not important) I started working in an arcade. My responsibilities included changing one coin to a collection of smaller coins, telling people who were considerably more threatening than myself not to kick the machines and trying to get the high score on Time Crisis during my lunch break. It was actually a great job, but it was only seasonal and as soon as September came I became unemployed. I spent my first month of unemployment applying for every job I could find but, despite sending 250 applications, didn't have any luck. So I rented a billboard. Of course, it wasn't as simple as renting a billboard and I actually spent several months developing a multi-platform viral advertising campaign with full social media integration. People liked the billboard, mostly.


Video CV

One part of EmployAdam.com was a video CV which showcased my previous work. Here it is:





I received around sixty solid job offers after launching the Employ Adam campaign. I ended up taking a job with Seachange where I now work as a viral producer for projects including River Cottage, Crowdfunder and Hugh's Fish Fight. To show my gratitude to everyone who shared my website I decided to take the highly original step of hiring a billboard:






My search for employment was featured on radio stations, newspapers and television shows all around the world. In the UK, I received coverage from every national daily newspaper as well as interviews on Sky News, Daybreak, ITV News, BBC Radio 1, BBC 5Live, Capital FM and countless others. The #EmployAdam hashtag trended on twitter several times, too.


More videos as soon as I figure out how to get the recordings off of my parents' Sky Plus box.




Frequently Asked Questions

Are you employed?



Did you get a job?

I did.


Did you get hired?



Are you working now?

I am.


Your glasses are ridiculous and your nose is really big.

This isn't even a question.